Certified Mail® provides proof of mailing to the sender. Proof includes when the letter was mailed, tracking of the letter, and confirmed delivery. A signature is required when Certified Mail is delivered. This signature verifies to the sender that the item was in fact delivered.

What Is Send Certified Mail?

Send Certified Mail is an easy and affordable online printing and mailing solution for all you’re your compliance mail needs. Upload your PDF letter file for same-business-day print and mail services.

Send Certified Mail will print your PDF file, mail each letter Certified, and provide you with ‘proof of mailing’ and acceptance by the United States Postal Service. Tracking information is immediately provided for each letter you send and includes Electronic Delivery Confirmation at no additional cost!

Our complimentary, 10-year data archive provides convenient letter access and organized file storage 24/7/365. Send Certified Mail is the industry leader for same-business-day mailing- guaranteed.

Who Sends Certified Mail?

Certified Mail is most often used for compliance and legal purposes. We specialize in servicing the following:

  • Medical Recall Notices
  • Insurance Policy Cancellations
  • Foreclosure Notices
  • Demand Letters
  • Credit Repair
  • Self-Storage Notices
  • Pre-Lien Notice to Owners
  • Consumer Recall Notifications
  • Notice of Violations
  • Code Enforcement
  • DMV Suspension Letters
  • HR Letters
  • TOPA Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act
  • Other compliance letters requiring the use of USPS Certified Mail

Get Started Now

Create a new, free account today. Send Certified Mail requires:

  • No printer access
  • No trips to the Post Office
  • No green cards, forms, labels, or stickers
  • No postage meter costs, no new equipment, and no software to download
  • No lease or long-term contracts
  • No monthly fees