COMING SOON: Send Certified Mail Electronically

We are excited to announce a new feature that will be available soon, Send Certified Mail Electronically. Once rolled out, users will have the option to send an electronic copy of their Certified Mail letter to the recipient via email.

How will this work?

In addition to providing the address of the recipient, users will have the option to include the recipient's email address as well. When the letter is printed and mailed, an electronic copy of the letter will then be emailed to the recipient notifying them that a Certified Mail piece is en route to them. 

Advantages of Send Certified Mail Electronically?

The option to electronically send a copy of the Certified Mail piece to the recipient via email is just one more point of contact the user will have record of. While we cannot guarantee the recipient will open the email, sending the letter electronically is an additional touchpoint for the sender.