Send Certified Mail Industries We Serve Utility CompaniesUtility bills and the service it takes to power a household can really add up. Gas, electric, water, sewer, trash, cable and the list continues. It’s no wonder why utility companies disconnect services every day due to unpaid billing statements.

Laws differ depending on the state in which service is provided, but many similarities transcend state lines. In order to revoke service, the utility company must provide a service termination letter. This letter is normally mailed via Certified Mail® to archive proof of mailing, USPS tracking, and Electronic Delivery Confirmation in the instance of any customer discrepancies.

Termination letters are usually mailed three weeks after a statement is past due. Upon receiving the termination notice, the customer can pay the bill, late fee, and any other fines associated with the termination process to regain good standing with the utility provider.

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Users begin by uploading a PDF of their document, then import the address(es), and Send Certified Mail takes care of the rest. A one-stop shop for print and mail services.

For companies looking to consolidate the termination notice process, Send Certified Mail provides automated API and SFTP processing services to receive data directly from your computer or software application 24/7, 365 days a year at no additional cost