Send Certified Mail Industries We Serve TOPAThe Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, often referred to as TOPA, allows renters in the District of Columbia (DC) the opportunity to purchase or transfer real estate when their rental property is put on the market.

According to TOPA, property owners must send a Notice of Transfer 90 days prior to the proposed date of transfer. The notice must be mailed to the occupied address unless another address has been provided in writing by the renter. The notice is to be sent via Certified Mail® Return Receipt Requested and includes Electronic Delivery Confirmation.

Send Certified Mail is the industry’s most cost-effective way to mail TOPA- guaranteed. Our same-business-day, print and mail solution is convenient and affordable. 

Mail a single-page letter or 1,000-page document, the same-business-day. The average TOPA notice ranges from 50-75 pages. Learn more about the average cost of mailing TOPA notification and how we can best serve you.

Mailing a TOPA notice with Send Certified Mail is easy and cost effective. Our bank-grade encryption provides safe and secure online storage for organized record keeping. Account archives including proof of mailing, USPS tracking, Electronic Delivery Confirmation, and Return Receipt Signature for ten years- at no additional cost. 

For management companies and owners with multiple units, we offer automated API and SFTP processing services which allow Send Certified Mail to receive data directly from a user’s computer or software application 24/7, 365 days a year at no additional cost.