Send Certified Mail Industries We Serve RecallsWhether voluntary or mandatory, recalls are serious and time-sensitive. It is important to quickly and efficiently notify users of dangerous, defective, or hazardous products. The most common recalls include medication, vehicles, food, cosmetics, safety seats, and toys.

There are many ways to inform the public of a recall. Television, social media, print, and radio are all effective ways of spreading the word to the public. However, the most effective way to directly reach customers is through Certified Mail®. For example, if a vehicle manufacturer needs to inform customers of a seat belt recall, they can filter their records to show the customers who have purchased the car models that need replacement. In such a case, the manufacturer can send a recall notice to each customer via Certified Mail. Doing so, the company will receive 'proof of mailing', tracking information, as well as electronic delivery confirmation from the United States Postal Service.

Certified Mail may seem daunting, especially when recall notices must be sent to so many individuals, but it does not have to be. Skip the trip to the Post Office and save time and money with Send Certified Mail!

Send Certified Mail is a one-stop shop for online printing and mailing! Just upload the PDF, import the address(es), and we take care of the rest. Mail a single-page letter or 1,000-page document, the same-business-day.

For industries needing to expedite the recall notification process, Send Certified Mail can provide automated API and SFTP processing services to receive data directly from your computer or software application 24/7, 365 days a year at no additional cost.

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