Send Certified Mail Industries We Serve Property TaxesAs with any real property, taxes are due annually to support local schools, services, infrastructure, and community areas. When property tax goes unpaid it becomes delinquent. Eventually, a lien is placed on the property which acts as collateral for the delinquent taxes.

The requirements in each state vary. However, each state permits tax lien sales in which the property owner can eventually lose possession of their land. This is where the importance of Certified Mail® comes into play.

In order to have a lien sale, the probate court must approve a decree for the tax collector. The property owner must be notified before and after the court proceedings. One such way of notifying the property owner is with a Certified letter.

Send Certified Mail is your one-stop shop, online printing and mailing solution!

Users begin by uploading their PDF, importing the address(es), and we take care of the rest. Mail a single-page letter or 1,000-page document the same-business-day.

For collectors needing to expedite the notification process, Send Certified Mail can provide automated API and SFTP processing services to receive data directly from your computer or software application 24/7, 365 days a year at no additional cost.