Send Certified Mail Industries We Serve: Debt CollectionThe importance of Certified Mail® for both a debtor and debt collector is substantial. Whether medical, student loan, insurance, automotive, or credit card- collections in the United States is nearly a $20 billion industry.

Debtors utilize USPS Certified Mail to mail debt verification letters, while collectors send debt validation letters and notice of legal proceedings. In both cases, 'proof of mailing' and acceptance by the United States Postal Service are necessary for record-keeping.

Allow Send Certified Mail to print and mail your letters for you. Our services include same-business-day mailing solutions to meet all your compliance requirements. As well as, saving you time, money, and hassle. Once your PDF is uploaded, we will print and mail your document the same-business-day.

Users can track the delivery of each letter and will get proof of delivery with Electronic Delivery Confirmation for no additional charge! For collection agencies needing automated options, our API and SFTP processing services allow Send Certified Mail to receive, print, and mail data 24/7, 365 a year at no additional cost.

Learn how to dispute debt collection that comes via Certified Mail.