Send Certified Mail Industries We Serve Credit RepairBad credit is not only frustrating, but costly. A low credit score means higher interest rates, denied loan approval, increased security deposits, and higher insurance rates.

Major contributors to poor credit include, late and missed payments, recent applications for loans and credit cards, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. The encouraging news is that if your credit is low, it does not have to stay there.

Rather than paying credit repair services which, according to the Federal Trade Commission, are oftentimes a scam you can begin to repair your credit yourself. Adhering to a budget, minimizing debt, and paying bills on time are all ways to begin repairing your credit.

The importance of Certified Mail® when working to repair your credit is crucial. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission instructs individuals who are disputing errors on their credit reports to send correspondence via Certified Mail. Send Certified Mail provides users with proof of mailing, USPS tracking, Electronic Delivery Confirmation, and Return Receipt Signature for ten years at no additional cost.

Send Certified Mail not only allows you to mail your certified letter, but is a one-stop shop for printing and mailing. Easily upload your PDF, import the address(es), and we take care of the rest. Mail a single-page letter or large document the same-business-day .

Skip the trip to the printer and the Post Office with Send Certified Mail. Learn more about credit repair and utilize our sample letter for disputing mistakes.