Send Certified Mail offers automation through Secure File Transfer Protocol systems (SFTP). Once set up, easily drop your data for automatic processing.

How to Set Up Automations?

Create Your Account

Whether you’re mailing for yourself or a client, you’ll need to create an account. Account creation is free and requires no monthly or annual fees. This is simply where your data will be processed and all your USPS tracking and reports will be securely stored for 10 years.

Note: If you are a mail house that has multiple customers, we strongly suggest you create a new account for each customer.

Tell Us About Your Mailing(s)

Once you’ve created an account, tell us about your job by submitting a sample of your approved data. Please include your IP Address and any other information you feel would be helpful in the “Comments” section of the work order. We will determine the envelope type and weight needed based on your data and letters.

Fund Your Account

Funds must be available in your account before you can begin your mailing. You determine how much and how often you’d like to fund your account. To avoid processing and mailing delays due to insufficient funds, please consider funding an amount that will cover monthly or even quarterly mailings. Funds do not expire. Accounts can be funded by bank account wire/ACH, check, credit card, or through our Auto-Invoicing program.


Once your account is funded, we have a sample of your job, and we know your mailing needs, we will begin the proofing process. You will receive a proof which you will need to review and approve. Once you’ve approved the initial proof, we will allow you to drop your own test files (10 records or less) for your own end-to-end testing.

Go Live

After your proofs are approved and you feel comfortable with the process, we will turn your automation on. At that time, any data you drop in your job folder for processing will be automatically processed according to your approved job instructions with live, non-refundable USPS postage within minutes! Please note that all data, including RRE Signature reports, will only be available for 180 days in your SFTP folder.